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International Move Checklist -Travel

Travel Arrangements for Your Move Overseas

Update Your Passport and Obtain Your Necessary Visa

While those moving from one Schengen country to another will not need a visa, others will need to apply for a visa with the host country. U.S citizens can start by looking up country-specific visa requirements to identify what must be done to get a visa. Keep in mind that the visa application process can take six months or longer, so apply as early as possible.

Book Your International Ticket

It’s no secret that flying to another country can be pricey. Start to examine flight prices to your destination country as soon as possible, and set up price alerts to notify you if a flight becomes available for the amount that you are hoping to pay. While sites like Skyscanner can prove invaluable for finding the best deals on flights, be sure to keep tabs on individual airlines as well, as some may charge a premium for booking your airline ticket through third-party sites.

Package and Ship What You Can’t Carry Along

Shipping items internationally can be expensive, so it may make more sense to pay for an extra luggage bag on your flight to your host country. Compare the cost of shipping items internationally to the price of the extra luggage bag to see which makes more sense. Then talk to Mac-Nels to move what you can’t carry yourself, we’ve been doing this for over 40 years, we know how to make it easy.

Make Copies of All Important Documents

The last thing that you want is to find yourself stuck in a foreign country trying to explain to the authorities that you lost your passport. Make copies of your passport, license, birth certificate, medical records, marriage certificates, and health insurance in case the original copy is lost. For added safety, laminate each of these documents to keep them protected from rain or wear and tear.

Make Arrangements for Your First Night in Your Host Country

While “winging it” with housing can provide a fun experience, make sure that you at least have somewhere to stay for your first night. Between dealing with jetlag and trying to navigate through an entirely new city, having a place to sleep lined up before you arrive will eliminate quite a bit of unnecessary stress.

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