• International Move Checklist - Health

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International Move Checklist – Health

Health Checklist for an Overseas Move

Purchase Medical Insurance

Ensure that you’re financially covered in case of injury or illness. We recommend identifying a medical insurance plan that will give you the freedom to choose any hospital, with 24-hour emergency assistance. Learn more about international health plans or compare expat health insurance and see which plan is right for you.

Get Necessary Immunizations

From malaria to typhoid, there are a handful of harmful diseases that can easily be prevented with proper treatment. Explore this list of immunizations that are recommended for each country.

Visit the Doctor for a Checkup

The best starting point for immunizations is to check with your doctor to ensure that you have taken care of all of your immunizations. While there, be sure to go through the yearly checkup routine to ensure that there are no pressing health matters to take care of before leaving.

Staying Safe While Abroad

Before leaving for your host country, make a plan for staying safe while abroad. Start by examining the Department of State’s travel warnings to understand the biggest threats in your host country, whether it be avoiding certain areas, or preparing for certain diseases. For more, learn about how to stay healthy while living abroad.

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